Your  Image Tells a Story...Chris before & after

Your Image says much about you. What you wear tells others  “I am confident,” “I am successful,” and even, “I am happy with who I am.” And who doesn't love the feeling of putting on an amazing outfit and leaving the house knowing you’re looking as good as you feel?

Younique Image wants to get to know you and put the fun in fashion. Together we will build a fantastic closet full of clothes you’ll love to wear!

You’ll Learn:

  •  How to accentuate your assets and accept your body.

  •  How to shop efficiently for your body shape, lifestyle and goals. No more feeling overwhelmed by the sea of clothing choices!
  •  How to build a wardrobe that intrinsically designates what to wear and when. No more showing up under or over dressed!

You’ll feel confident, stylish, and ”energized, and never again will you tear apart your closet because you have “nothing to wear! Younique Image offers a variety of  image consulting services and packages for our personal clients: 1.Color and You– Color harmony in dressing is essential for an attractive look. Your Personal Colors and fashion colors will be evaluated and you will be recommended various color schemes which best suits you. 2.Style Personality -Discovering & refining your Personal style through us would enable you to dress true to your values, traits & goals. You will learn the language of clothing through your style personality and know which type of clothing is suitable for you. We conduct a three part analysis for your style personality.
  • Personal Physical Assessment - An important session where your personal style is discovered through the Chinese concept of Yin Yang and western style evaluation to determine your best physical style.
  • Lifestyle Assessment – Looking the role you play or going to play is one of the most important skills in today’s competitive world. In this session your lifestyle activities, your clothing values / needs and would be evaluated to determine your image requirements.
  • Personal Value Assessment- most important session that connects your inner Image to your outer Image, making you comfortable with your new style.
3.Style Your Shape. In this session your body and face shape will be evaluated and you will be guided to enhance your positive features and dress down the parts not needing attention. Projecting an ideal figure to project your attractive best! 4.Art of Clustering–We will assist you in segregating and creating workable clusters of clothes for various occasions. Clusters enable you to create a variety of looks with lesser garments. With your wardrobe sorted, save your time, money and effort in future shopping trips. 5.Makeup; Face Shape & Personal Grooming – Primarily for women clients, this session will include evaluation of your face shape, guide you on personal grooming, skin, hair & nail care, application of makeup – day and evening – and corrective make up to enhance your looks. 6.Personal Shopping Services – A shopping experience where we accompany you to the right shopping places to assist you to buy the right garments and accessories according to your budget. Primarily for women clients, we also conduct Make-up this session to include tips on purchasing makeup items suitable to your skin type and tone.

Testimonies from Clients

Before After
I’m truly happy and thankful to Michelle that made me now feel more confident and professional after her guidance as an image consultant. I often was choosing dress, shirts, shoes and accessories that looked good to me without thinking about whether it would match with. Michelle has helped me determine what my colours are and to understand my body type and the clothing that best suits it. With this knowledge, I know now how to dress up and feel great at the same time. Thank you for your expertise and ability to help me improve my image. Michelle is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants to improve their image and confidence whether professionally or personally. Best Regards, Angela Ang
 Before  After

I received many “Wow” comments from all my friends and family after seeing my “after” look.First of all, I spent a great deal of time with Michelle, especially during the shopping session where Michelle chose clothes, shoes and accessories best suited for me, in order to help me present myself with a great and professional look. I learned alot about fashion and the Dos & Don’ts of clothing style throughout the entire shopping session. Michelle also gave me advice on my wardrobe; things like how should I organize all my clothes etc. I also learned a lot about makeup and makeup application from Michelle. Now, every day I wear my make-up to work, which has increased my confidence level. I’m also able to choose clothes that fit me well. I have been exposed to a lot of fashion knowledge and dressing skills that make me look professional. I’ve learned about the colors that are suitable for me, wardrobe organization, and many, many other things, so thank you, Michelle for giving me a fantastic makeover!

Thank you, Frances Cheong