Facilitators Credo

As facilitators of Younique Image we respect all religious and cultural diversity. We shall uphold the integrity, trust and customer centric in every job. We place needs over trends and function over theory. We serve our clients with friendliness, enthusiasm, creativity and with knowledge. Lastly we care for our work, the organization and our client.




Michelle Son is a certified Image & Style Coach™ with IASC (International Association of Style Coaches) UK, a certified Professional Image Consultant trained by ByFERIAL, a member of AICI (Association of Image Consultant International) and a Trained Beauty Therapist. She has a Graduate Diploma in Business & Management, a Diploma in Private Secretaryship and obtained her Train-The-Trainer Certification from PSMB.

Michelle has 20 years of working experience. She started working as a Personal Assistant for a premier private education institution, than a leading hotel and ending in a large french oil & gas corporation. She then worked as a Sales Coordinator for a large US Freight. There, she worked her way to be the Territory Sales Manager for Southern Region (from Seremban to Johor). Later she was headhunted to join a US courier service company as an Account Manager. Within a short period of 6 months, she turned her region to profitability and one of top sales region country wide. After 5 years in Sales for Logistics industry, Michelle decided to try something different and joined Malaysian Airline as a cabin crew.

In 2006, Michelle got involved in the beauty and aesthetic industry. She started in the industry by joining the Business Development Team for one of the largest and leading international OEM (HQ based in Switzerland and Italy) for cosmetics, skincare and personal care. She was the key liaison point for their clients in SEA and the Asia Pacific countries. Later she was headhunted to join a Malaysian/Korean retail outlet as part of their Product Development team. Her last position was with a large local FMCG as Head of the Product Development Team.

Over that 6 years, Michelle conceptualized skincare, cosmetic and personal care products for the companies she worked with. She is well-verse with product development processes from conceptualize of product range to finish product and know how ingredients in beauty products. Her international exposure and interaction with different brands and OEM from various Asia countries like Singapore, Korean, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Some of the products she developed are still sold in the market today.

Since 2012, Michelle started Younique Image to help her clients (Man and Woman) look great by getting clear on their personal image aspirations and move that clarity into visual expression to their wardrobe, grooming, mannerism and etiquette. She aims for every client interaction to be authentic, positive, memorable and long lasting.





Jutta is a certified Nutrition Consultant and a certified Colour and Style Consultant from the TYP Academia (SGD Darmstadt – Germany), Additionally she has the Diploma in Professional Style Coaching (International Association of Style Coaches, UK). She also has a Certificate from the IACET in Business Etiquette with Table Manners.

Originally from Germany, Jutta has been living in Malaysia for 12 years.  She has more than 30 years experience as a Sales Manager for various Retail brands.  She was also a highly successful distributor of the German Brand  (LR) Cosmetic and  Nutrition's.

In the last several years, Jutta has been supporting Younique Image clients (Man and Woman) to enhance their personal image aspirations, grooming, wardrobe, mannerism, business etiquette, dinning etiquette for children and adults. Her main forte is on dining etiquette for adults and table manners for children, young generation on job interview dressing for teenagers. Additionally, her keen observation, lively personality and her curiosity has allowed her to transcend the eastern and western culture in Malaysia.