Hourglass anyone? 0

  Characteristics :- Triangle  – The hips are wider than the shoulder ,  fat tends to accumulated on the hips and buttock Inverted Triangle – Shoulders are wider than the hip,  bust tends to be proportionally large,  hips are small Rectangle – No defined waist, the hips tend to have a similar width as the […]

Ways to Flatter Your Curvy Hips 0

1. Understand your proportions – as much as body shape, dressing in a way that is proportionally pleasing will help to balance you as a whole. 2. Be careful of pockets – pockets can add extra unnecessary detail to your hip region. 3. Make sure that fabrics have enough weight and are not flimsy. 4. […]

Necklaces to Fit Your Personality Style 0

1. Feminine  – If your styles is more feminine you may prefer something with lots of beads or bling. 2. Relaxed – For someone who is more relaxed and casual look for necklaces made from either natural materials (wood, stones, coral etc) or very plain simple designs. 3. Dramatic – If you’re dramatic you may find that you […]

Look Taller, Now! 0

From left to right: 1. Similar colour in top, belt and skirt, nude shoes, then an alternate colour of cardigan. 2. Same or similar colour head to toe 3. Top and jeans in variations of a colour, not exactly the same, but not so different that it really attracts attention, keeping it in neutrals will […]