Image and Style

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Your Image is the physical representation of you and what you represent. Your attitude, appearance and actions are continuously being judged by others. Your success is dependent on how you project yourself to them. Younique Image is the leading company that provides customized training, consulting and support that differentiates you by developing your unique personal brand and image to project a positive lasting impression. We serve both corporate organizations and individuals. Whether you are a CEO, Manager, Executive or Entrepreneur, we ensured you develop a better Personal Brand and Image for your success. We assist you to enhance your personal brand, wardrobe, grooming, etiquette, communication and style to give you an edge in your interaction with others in all occasions. We consult with our clients on matters of personal appearance in relation to roles and goals, typically: • Personal Brand analysis • Image and Style analysis • Personal style analysis • Personal colour analysis • Colour selection and coordination • Figure/Body analysis for better dressing • Fabric and Pattern selection • Personal coloring analysis/evaluation • Wardrobe analysis • Accessory selection and coordination • Strategic shopping • Body care • Hair care and styling • Makeup selection, coordination, application • Makeover • Social and business etiquette • Dining etiquette • Impression Management • Communication style • Conversation skills