Necklaces to Fit Your Personality Style

1. Feminine  – If your styles is more feminine you may prefer something with lots of beads or bling.
2. Relaxed – For someone who is more relaxed and casual look for necklaces made from either natural materials (wood, stones, coral etc) or very plain simple designs.
3. Dramatic – If you’re dramatic you may find that you like your necklaces oversized and bold.
4. Creativity – Want to express your inner creativity? Look for pieces made by artists or even from unusual or recycled materials.
5. Rebellious – For someone who likes challenging and adventures styles, you may find rebellious style is what you are looking for.
You can see that some of these pieces fall into more than one personality style and cross over styles (which is true for our personalities too).  There are lots of options with necklaces, but if you find a piece you love, wear it.